Founded in Melbourne, Surf Visuals is an online and print surf publisher. We pride ourselves on unearthing the best independent surf photographers and creatives from all corners of the globe, in daily online blogs and biannual printed issues with over 180+ pages of original content. Receiving a huge number of submissions daily, Surf Visuals features surf content captured on a myriad of mediums, from old-school film photography to modernised, abstract surf scenes captured on modern DSLR’s.

Surf Visuals has been designed to be more of a community than anything else, where anyone can stumble across our issues, website or social accounts and feel connected with the creators. We build and maintain close relationships with everyone who submits work with us.

 To date, we’ve released four premium issues, which are available via our website and select, specialist surf retailers around the world. Across the issues, we’ve featured the work of over 75 creatives including Alan Van Gysen, Ed Sloane, Cait Miers, Amy Markham, Ryan Hill and Hayden O'Neill. On top of this, we run an annual photo competition with loads of cash and prizes to be given away - there's no wonder why it's a huge hit with our community.

 We’re proud to have partnered with leading brands, including URBNSURF, Rip Curl, Qantas, Gage Roads Brewing Co. and Eat Your Water, which has helped expand our reach to surfers more quickly than we could have imagined.

A recent collaborative project saw us partner with URBNSURF, focussed on celebrating 12 shapers pushing boundaries on Victoria’s iconic Surf Coast (Behind The Shaper). Accompanying this zine is a 6-episode mini-series by Lipped, The Surfer’s Podcast, and digital content that dropped via our socials. With this, also a sold out 420 person event in Melbourne CBD. Our aim with Behind The Shaper is to give back to the local Surf Coast shaping community, as shapers are too often forgotten and pushed into the surf industry’s backroom. With this [first instalment of the] series, we bring them back into the light and celebrate their “tales of resin dust, fibreglass cuts, master craftsmanship and their pursuit of the perfect ride”.

Our latest campaign was a collaborative series with Gage Roads Brewing Co. where we created original content (video and photo), interviews and held a successful event with full Gage Roads Brewing Co. brand activation at the Last One Inn in Anglesea VIC, where over 300 people were in attendance.

We love working with brands to create original content and hold cool events and exhibitions. So if this is something you're interested it - feel free to get in contact.