Ryan Miller AKA Bad Boy Ry Ry
We were lucky enough to ask WSL favourite Ryan Miller AKA Bad Boy Ry Ry a few questions about life on the tour, mixing with the best in the industry and being on the road for 220 days of the year. Bad Boy also gives some sound advice to any up and coming photographers out there. A must read.


Hey Ryan! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. We’ve been following your work on the tour for years now. So we’re stoked to finally get this opportunity. Tell me a lil bit of background about yourself. How did you get into photography and how did this evolve into shooting some of the best surfers in the most exotic locations in the world?
Just started shooting surfing in high school. Went to college to be a documentary photographer but failed miserably at it. Came back around to surf and just grew this path organically from there. One of my best friends had just made the tour when I started and I kind of fell into it through him.
Do you have a favourite moment from any of the tour events you’ve witnessed?
Man so many! Maybe the one most defining one from the work side of the tour though would be when John won his first title in Portugal.
Favourite surfer on (or off) the tour?
I travelled with CJ for years on tour. Really miss having that guy around.
How did the classic name (and insta handle) Bad Boy Ry Ry come about?
Carissa started calling me Bad Boy on a trip to Bali once. It was after Rihanna and her BadGalRiRi name on Instagram. A week later I went to Africa with Julian and he started calling me Bad Boy out of nowhere. Totally unrelated. Figured that was it and it must be fate.
Is there a certain style of photography that you enjoy most?
I love having four memory cards at the end of the day from four different camera setups. That is what makes me the most-happy. When over the course of the day I have shot water, long lens on the beach, lifestyle photos and the drone.


What’s in your current camera quiver?
On the road I like to keep it as tight as possible. Nikon D5 for on land and in the water. Nikon D850 for the camera around my neck. 600mm long lens. 24-70mm for lifestyle stuff. 70-200mm mostly in the water inside of CMT water housing. DJI Mavic drone.


Following the tour would take you all around the world. Do you get to spend much time at home / with family?
I’m on the road like 220 days a year. That gives me about 140 at home. My family comes with me to a few events as well. It is a pretty good balance.
Heaviest situation you’ve found yourself in while in the water?
Been out at Pipe a few times where I didn’t think I was going to make it back in. That place is wild but also maybe the most fun to watch surfing from is from that channel swimming.
We have a large community of aspiring photographers here at SV. If you have any advice for them, what would you say?
Just take it slow and build your relationships organically. So many people I talk to want to dive into the deep end right away. Maybe I’m a little slow in general but it was nice to come up one step at a time with low expectations.
How did it feel to be the number #1 ranked in the Stab Power Rankings?
Always down for a good laugh and this one made me smile just about as much as anything could. Pretty sure I hit #1 two years in a row! Gotta really up my game for a three-peat.
What do you do in your spare time when you’re not shooting?
Try to put the most time in as I can with my family. Also plenty of surfing and snowboarding thrown in there.
Future plans for 2020 and beyond?
Just gonna keep doing this until I run out of gas.
Cheers brother.
Thanks guys.



February 26, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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