For the first time ever, we are bringing you the opportunity to purchase the full SurfVisuals catalogue, as digital copies. During this current crisis, we want to be as safe as possible and limit the contact of this virus and in doing so are allowing you to get every mag we have ever produced.

When purchasing, the whole catalogue includes, Issue One, Two, Three, Four, Behind The Shaper and 2019 Photo Comp Annual.

Each mag has been supported by our lovely contributors, who's name you can find below:

Aidan Stevens, Alan Van Gysen, Alex Mattie, Alexa Liccardi, Alice Vedrine, Amber Jones, Amy Markham, Anais Pierquet, Andre Adur, Andrew Ross, Angus Maindonald, Anrielle Hunt, Anthony James, Banjo Harfield, Ben Murphy, Ben Nathan, Ben Osborne, Ben Whitmore, Billy Cervi, Bogo Bug, Brandon Rooney, Brook Mckeon, Brydie Watson, Cait Miers, Caitlin O’Grady, Cal Foster, Cam Greenwood, Charlotte Pieper, Corey Graham, Corey Munn, Cory Russell, Damian Davila, Dan Kempster, Dave Thew, Dom Stuart, Ed Sloane, Eiji Shiomoto, Emy Dossett, Fabien Voileau, Gemma Watkins, Georgia Hanson, Harry Dott, Hannah Anderson, Hayden O’Neill, Hunter Vercoe, Izzy Hobbs, Jack Dell-Rennie, Jack Gore, Jack O’Grady, Jake Killen, John Robertson, Jon Way, Jono Smit, Josh Delamotte, Josh Evans, Josh Morrice, Judy Scanlon, Kane Brown, Karsten Jurkschat, Katey Shearer, Katie Rae, Konrad Brewski, Lachlan Dempsey, Lance Morgan, Luca Rossi, Luke Gouvignon, Madi Kellie, Marcus Hyett, Marcus Paladino, Michael Conlon, Michael Tartaglia, Michael van der Klooster, Mick Andrews, Ming Nomchong, Mitch Pope, Nick Green, Nil Puissant, Oliver Chapman, Remy Bernhardt, Rick Avena, Ross Slaven, Rupert Partridge, Ruskin Brown, Ryan Hill, Sasha Golyanova, Sean Curran, Sean Dwyer, Shyama Buttonshaw, Spencer Edwards, Thomas Ling, Thomas Lodin, Thomas Reber, Titus Haug, Tom Brune, Tom Pearsall, Walk Wild Studio, Valerie Tobin, Vera Monteiro, Vitor Viana, Zach Lethbridge, Zach Sanders and Zak Koniaris.

Each mag has also been shown support by lovely brands across the world, those brands can be found below:

Ripcurl, Eat Your Water, URBNSURF, TeePee Surf, U&I Label, Wave Of The Day Surf Travel, Gage Roads Brewing Co, Dropbox, Lipped Podcast, Australian National Surfing Museum, Panamuna Project, Sea Bones Byron Bay, WildFlower Byron Bay, Inner Relm, Adrift Essentials, Adelio Wetsuits, Monsta Surf, Somedays Lovin' and Noble Boy.

Once purchased, the team at SurfVisuals will send you 6 individual codes to view and read at your pleasure, via our online reading platform.


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