The newest edition to the SurfVisuals collection. 180+ A4 pages of critical stories, curated by a group of contributors who share our ambition for adventure, the love of the ocean and genuine creativity. Issue 3 will be for all surfers, travellers, artists, photographers and people who are inspired by honest stories and in-depth interviews, beautiful images from the world’s best photographers and adventurers from all over the globe.

This issue is a prized work of art accumulating articles from surf aficionados and contributors as well as an in depth look at the 50 Year Anniversary of Ripcurl and the team behind Australia's first ever wave pool.

In loving memory of Michael's beautiful Mother, Louise Jeanne Dillon. 

"In the early days of SV, my Mum was our biggest fan. She was our chief proof- reader and head of sales and distribution of the mags - in saying this, I mean she’d used to walk into local shops and cafes trying to get the mags in there. She even made an Instagram so she could like our posts.

This Issue is dedicated to my beautiful Mum.

You were always there to encourage and support me."

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