Welcome the next chapter.

180+ A4 pages of critical stories, curated by a group of contributors who share our ambition for adventure, the love of the ocean and genuine creativity. Issue 2 will be for all surfers, travellers, artists, photographers and people who are inspired by honest stories and in-depth interviews, beautiful images from the world’s best photographers and adventurers from all over the globe. 

This issue has a big focus on the beautiful side of surfing. Our industry focuses a lot on the toughness but seems to leave behind the most loveable part of it - women.

Inside Issue 2 is:

Amy Markham

Ming Nom Chong

Dave Thew

Remy Bernhardt

Hayden O'Neill

Alan Van Gysen

Cal Foster

+ Many More

SurfVisuals Issue 2 is available in Australia and Worldwide

This issue is proudly supported by Qantas, Ripcurl, Eat Your Water, Wildflower Byron Bay, Adrift Essentials and Relm Wetsuits. 


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