Welcome the glory.

180+ A4 pages of critical stories, curated by a group of contributors who share our ambition for adventure, the love of the ocean and genuine creativity. Volume 1 Issue 1 will be for all surfers, travellers, artists, photographers and people who are inspired by honest stories and in-depth interviews, beautiful images from the world’s best photographers and adventurers from all over the globe.

Inside Volume 1 Issue 1 is:

Maddison Kellie

Brook Mckeon

Ben Murphy

Judy Scanlon

Damian Davila

+ Many More

SurfVisuals Issue 1 is available in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. If you are after an Issue and are not situated in these given countries, please send an email to and we will see what we can do for you.

This issue is proudly supported by Noble Boy Brewers, Eat Your Water, Monsta Surf, Ripcurl, Adelio and Somedays Lovin'. 

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