Who Would Have Thought by Bea Vega

I’m Bea Vega, born and raised in the Philippines, Manila to be exact so technically I’m a city girl. I grew up as a hiphop dancer and eventually fell in love with surfing. I got to work with amazing and talented surf photographers from around the world and watching them do their craft in the water really caught my eye. It changed the way I see photography and gave me one of my favourite shots. I had no clue about photography back then, until I bought my first water housing a year and a half ago. I got hooked to my viewfinder and shutter and ever since I’ve been doing surf photography.  I love to capture the moment in time at the exact moment of that person’s life. I like the feeling when I get that moment with each and every detail. I’ve always loved taking photos but I didn't imagine that I would be doing this professionally.

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August 13, 2018 — Ben Nathan

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