What's Good Longboarding? by Max Alesbury
What is good Longboarding? This question seems to be floating around more often recently. Especially, with the recent Relik Comp at Malibu, there is a lot of debate.


Longboarding has latched onto me the past year or so and I find myself searching more and more for the loggers in the line up. Strolling by the points in Noosa National Park is no hardship and if you spot a surfer who stands out, well, that makes up for all the walking. One of the first things that makes me point the camera is a casual style, less is more and I definitely believe in that. Hands at the waist, feet close together… A pleasant viewing experience.


Board choice is a big part and it all adds to the visuals. Being able to carve down the line on a log is an art in itself and the surfers doing it really stand out.


Reminiscing a day at National Park- a logger stretched five high lining in the pocket, perfect position on a perfect wave, it just doesn’t get any better than that. I can still see it in my mind. The times you wish you had a camera (and a water housing). Heavy logs, short shorts, wettie vest tops, vintage cars… I dig it all. Man I wish I could have run around a parking lot in the 70’s.


I really admire the guys and girls keeping Traditional Longboarding alive amongst this new age we live in. The lifestyle, the boards and the characters, they all seem to share the same passion and it really feels like a family.


But, no matter what kinda board you ride, the surfer having the most fun always wins..








January 14, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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