Week One Favourites - 2018 Photo Comp

Fuck, how exciting is this time of year? This Photo Comp really drives me insane; let me paint the picture. I'm sitting on my couch post work, sorting through hundreds of emails with submissions for this years comp and every second minute I have a cursing episode due to the heat that has just hit my hard-drive. How do I choose a winner?


This is way too hard sometimes, but you know what I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This part of my life is what I enjoy most. Giving photographers the opportunity to get there work out there. That's why I have put together my 10 favourites from the first week of the comp. In no particular order here they are:


FENNA DE KING @fenna.deking


FABIEN VOILEAU @fabien_voileau

DAMIAN FRIAS @damiandavilaphoto

ALEXA LICCARDI @sweeetblues

BEN RAYNOR @fromourearthphoto

JONATHAN SMIT @jonathansmitnz

HAYDEN O'NEILL @haydenoneill


What a sick first week. There is still 20k of you who haven't entered. Shame on you. Empty your poo change in your pocket to your nearest bank and get your entries in. 

Entries close December 9. 

More to come. 



November 23, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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