Wãkãinga by Tyla Rose

Here's a selection of moments from one of my favourite evenings at Piha this summer. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of this place brings to light that a simple life with good places, good energy and good people is all you need to be happy. Nights like these always remind me that its really up to us to construct our lives how we imagine. We choose what makes us happy, we choose where we want to be and who we surround ourselves with. 


You can’t beat the west coast’s bright orange sunsets, but the milky candy-floss sky of the east certainly comes close. Daylight savings floods Coromandel’s 8pm sky with a stunning gradient. I found myself dotted up Coromandel beaches over the festive season, and although the surf size disappointed on the daily, sometimes just being out there at last light was all I needed to be satisfied.

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May 22, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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