Voyage by Mariana Correia
It’s more than the photo, it’s the journey.


It’s the excitement of the night before and the feel of the cold breeze in the morning.


It’s the drive to the uncertain and the expectations of what we’ll encounter.


It’s the nervous anticipation of challenging myself.


It’s the calm and the silent peace while getting submerged.


It’s the smile of someone who got the wave of the day, shared a wave with a friend or happily just cruised along.


It’s the ability to be by myself while surrounded by people.


I was born and raised in Portugal, in a small town not far from the sea and the ocean was introduced to me by different people in different ways. I started shooting while I was working in a surf camp back home. The joy of capturing the proud smile of someone who stands up for the first time or someone who gets their first ‘green’ wave awoke this passion. I’ve been shooting since. I’m currently living in Australia, the perfect place to explore ocean photography since surfing is a lifestyle adopted by the majority. I’m not certain where this will take me but the unpredictability of the unknown is what made me fell in love and is the reason why I’ll keep navigating different waters.




November 21, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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