Between Worlds by Vitor Viana
Sometimes I catch myself thinking why we as humans believe in things as if they were real while “not real” things are everywhere and could be more real than we actually think. Yes that is kind of weird and that’s why I’ve been trying to focus my effort on things I really believe that there’s a meaning or a true story behind it. Life is pretty much like the ocean and I always feel I’m surfing through the days. We never know when big waves are coming to swallow you or when we are going to have that moment in life where everything is quiet like those mellow waves bringing some good feeling. I believe everything is a magic, but magic sometimes get boring, and we need to find a way out there not to get bored. These still photographies are just a little piece taken for a short film written and directed by the super talented Brenna Haragan. Putting that in a few words “Saint Lucha” is about disasters and instability, it’s about the ocean. Being part of this project made me feel I must keep going pointing my lenses towards the strange. Surfing is not just waves and its surfers, and life is much more than what we live day by day. As the ocean we cannot see where life ends. The universe is huge and that’s all a magic, let’s surf the life!

May 05, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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