Under the Bridge by Jake Brainerd

Jake Brainerd was born in Southern California and raised in Northern California. He has a love for surfing and film photography, especially with the Nikonos-V camera. Photography has always been something to enjoy while friends surf and he takes breather on shore, it is now becoming a regular event and more a focus of his creative efforts. 


Story behind the series: "Under the Bridge".

Up until recently I lived in the Tenderloin - a neighborhood of San Francisco for 7 years. There, I would ride my bike to get some shots at Fort Point, my favorite spot in the city, but I never got in the water. This spot is hardcore, think about the whole volume of the San Francisco Bay pouring through a mile wide gap. It's like the Colorado River, but with the occasional cargo ship passerby. Mesmerizing really.

Last Fall I had decided I was moving to Sydney.  Before that, I needed to shoot Fort Point. I got my camera, my fins and my wetsuit and loaded up my bike to check out the swell. It took me 30 minutes of staring at the boiling water and rips to even suit up.


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May 24, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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