Twin Palms by Josh Evans
While I was home in Western Australia for Summer, I spent heaps of time hanging out with one of my good mates Evan. He rips on the log and is always a pleasure to shoot and surf with. We did a bunch of trips up and down the coast over the Summer. 

These shots are from a session at one of our local spots. I'm constantly running in and out of the water, changing between surfing and shooting. I love that I get to do both. In Summer the crowds are plenty, and the waves are few. We’re on logs because we’re not silly but most others are paddle battling each other on shortboards so we never have any issues tallying up a respectable wave count.

These flicks are off a roll of Kodak Gold 200 (cheap as it comes but I love the stuff) and shot on my girlfriends Canon AE-1 paired with an old heavy Canon 70-150mm telephoto.

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Cheers, Josh


April 23, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM

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