Through This Lens by Levi Deliveyne

I have been shooting film for quite some time, finding myself quickly falling in love with its aesthetic and the meticulous process that is rewarded with a captured moment, a still frame of our increasingly fast moving time.


Unfortunately, traveling around left me with several broken cameras, jammed, smashed, water damaged, full of sand or broken before having ever worked. This meant a surf trip would go undocumented, so I thought. Driving west along the South Australian coast I came across my saviour, a small country town antiques shop with a shelf full of ‘point and shoot’ cameras each for the price of a happy meal. With our full tank of petrol, snags and my Canon Sureshot Z135 I could go on to capture these moments through this lens. 


I haven not had this camera long but through this lens I have seen some of the nicest, scariest waves I have surfed to date. Through this lens I have seen my mates being all kinds of funny, mostly stupid and having the kind of good time that can only be had on a surf trip. Through this lens I have seen equally weird and beautiful country towns with pubs that have seemingly untouched interiors for the last 20 years. Through this lens I have seen my local break pumping, and the locals loving it.


Through this lens I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’ve surprised myself. Through this lens I will discover more and meet more people. Look forward to the future, looking through this lens. 



February 07, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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Big boy 69

Big boy 69 said:

You look kinda cool want to chat


PETER said:

Yea Levi! Some sick shots here mate.


Tom said:

Very nice Levi! Beautiful writing and impressive photos. ❤️


Fiona said:

Wonderful Levi. ‘through this lens’ is a poignant way to document your life. Enjoy and thanks for the photos for others to enjoy.

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