Those Moments by Johnte Lange
Growing up on the Surf Coast of Victoria, I didn't appreciate the many good surf spots around home until I was introduced to photography by my older brother. About 3 years ago my brother showed me some of his photography work of the ocean/waves and I was hooked. From then on my dad bought me a camera and every time I thought the waves would be good I would try to be there.


At the age I am it can be hard getting to some breaks as they are a distance from home and I would have to ride my bike to get there most of the time, but if I'm lucky enough mum or dad will drive me or another local photographer. As time went on I upgraded my equipment and I was introduced to other photographers around my local area who pointed me in the right direction and helped me with my photography. I am always super keen to go to the beach whether it be a little reef break around the corner or a beachie up the road. I'm always trying to capture more exciting, different and interesting perspectives of the ocean and the waves. The movement and flow of the waves intrigue me the most about the ocean and that is why I like taking photos of them. When you think about it that single wave travelled thousands of kilometres and we get to see it reach its final destination. Whether it be filming or shooting waves I enjoy it greatly and love sharing my work with my family, friends and people on social media. 




August 20, 2018 — SURF VISUALS
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