Six Hours by Thomas Bourget
I was born and raised in Quebec City, Canada. I've been shooting surf photography for about a year now. Because there is no surf in Quebec City, I don't often have the opportunity to shoot in the water; the closest break is in Maine. It's a six-hour drive from home, so it’s challenging to get some quality time in the water -- and constant swell is not really a thing in Maine. So as soon as a small glimpse of swell appears, we pack our stuff and drive straight to the ocean. And what a rewarding feeling to arrive and find some beautiful surf conditions! I'm always torn between surfing and shooting, but I'm glad I get to do both.


A couple of times, we drove all that way only to arrive at a completely flat ocean -- quite a bummer! But it's part of the thrill, and I think this is why I love it so much; the feeling of not knowing if either you’re going to score some sick waves, or arrive to a completely dead ocean.
These are all shots from a couple trips to Maine and a trip that I took in Baja back in January. All photos were taken with a Nikonos V on cheap films.
Also, thanks to Cooper Pestell @shootswithcoops and Megan Barrett @meganshootsfilm for introducing me to the Nikonos V, a cheap and awesome little camera.


You can find me here @thombourget


- Thomas :)


June 20, 2019 — SURF VISUALS



Charlotte said:

I totally agree with you thomas! Can’t
Wait to surf in maine!

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