The World Through My Eyes by Mitch Pope
For me, all forms of art is a way that I can express my feelings and emotions, whether it be from behind the lens in cold Victorian waters or splattering ink onto a blank page, I love to try and be as creative as possible. I like photography because it is a way of capturing moments that we can have forever. It let’s us capture the beauty that certain places have to offer, and I try to do that in a way that people can see the way I view those places.
My favourite subject is surfing and the everything that is and revolves around the ocean and the surf culture. I fell in love with surfing 5 years ago and it was only natural that when I picked up a camera, surfing and the ocean would be one of my main subjects to shoot. As cliche as it is, two waves are never the same and I am excited to explore the big world of surf and surf culture from behind a lens, showing the way I view these subjects/places through my images.
For more work by Mitch, check his Insta here.
May 30, 2018 — SURF VISUALS



Teddy said:

Well done Mitchy your a talented man keep up the good work champion 🤙


Caz said:

Amazing pics! Amazing photographer. Mitch you are so blessed to find your calling so early in life and you have already honed into your talent in ways most grown adults wemill never be able to do. Keep shooting those waves and shooting for the stars. Peace ✌

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