The Surf Witches by Hannah Jessup

I’ve been a photographer for about 8 years but transitioning into surf photography has been next level. The usual targets for my photography are the Surf Witches.

Chances are if you paddle out at my home break of Currumbin Alley you may notice us. A bunch of wrist band wearing women, usually laughing hysterically as we try and sometimes succeed in catching waves. We are the Surf Witches, a women’s surf group based on the Gold Coast.

I started surfing at the beginning of this year with a friend. After meeting another girl surfing by herself, the three of us created a facebook group so we could post where and when we were heading out, so no one had to surf solo. We added a few other women who we met in the water and fast forward to today, we are at around 1000 members and growing fast.

Now, on any given day, if the surf is even half decent, any woman can head down to Currumbin and usually find one of us to surf with. Everyone is welcome no matter the age or level; we have some epic surfers in our group and plenty who are just learning, ranging from 18 - 60 years old. Surfing with a bunch of friends looking out for you takes all the intimidation and fear out of learning a new, predominately male dominated sport.

The Surf Witches has now turned into this awesome local community of female surfers who surf together and look out for one another in and out of the water (#switchesnotbitches).

If I am not surfing, I am shooting. Sunrise is my favourite times to be in the water, its pure magic to experience and photograph and I can usually find a few Surf Witches who are happy to get up early and float around with me. These are a few of my favourite images from our year so far.



February 28, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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Daynia Petersen

Daynia Petersen said:

Congrats on such a fantastic transition into your passion Hannah. I love seeing you out on the waves doing your thing, whether that be snapping pics or creating an epic surf community. You are an inspiration!!


Louise said:

Beautiful photos Hannah

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