The Scramble by Seamus Byrne
The scramble (Perspective from a Surf Photographer)
A little bump forms on the horizon of the Tasman Sea, emerging into a set wave. As the surfers start to scramble in the lineup, so do I. Positioning myself in the anticipation of where the wave will hit, how fast its coming in and where the surfer will be to get the perfect angle. Although often done easily, chaos can quickly take over with many distractions. The process of staying afloat and dodging surfboards and fins is always on your mind. From an initial idea so easily thought about, soon becomes a difficult game of waiting, preparation and timing. Being a water photographer primarily focusing on surfing, I am lucky enough to experience this, especially in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Through surf photography, I aim to capture the feeling and experience of surfing for people who may or may not surf, hopefully encouraging them to get out there and experience these things for themselves.

March 25, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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JT said:

Great pics, Seamus, accompanied by a well phrased narrative. Iā€™m soooo proud of you.

Margaret Rees

Margaret Rees said:

Lovely photography Seamus. I am most impressed.

Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson said:

Beautifully captured both visually and literarily.

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