The Ocean Dweller by Ale Sellers

Raised by the Mediterranean salt and water, my biggest inspiration is and always will be the sea. No matter where I am, if I am near the shoreline, it will always feel like home.  I decided to start this adventure as a photographer after years of doubts and internal struggle. With initiative, courage and luckily, I found the passion to capture the best moments, surrounded by inspirational people and traveling. I left my daily life behind and everything else around to start my path: traveling and to do photography make me full of happiness.    In a professional level, I want to pursue that feeling that invites me to create, to relate moments and sensations. There is nothing more pure than capturing a moment that makes you freeze with it eternally. This is where my art starts, my interest for being discovered and for keep showing everything that seduces me; searching new opportunities, places and moments to share.
Insta: @alesellers
October 25, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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