The Gift of Joy by Sasha Golyanova and Jemma Scott
She was wild & free, like the wind that scoured the surface of the sea, forever moving forward, forever meandering over the depths of the big blue.


She sought solace in this world of hers, a kind of tranquil awakening that can only truly be felt through the power of the ocean; the elements combined, water, wind & light. A place where this very moment is the only thing encompassing her mind, where everything else ceases to exist. The seabirds sing & the swell lines move with the rhythm of the reverb-drenched guitar that emanates from the shoreline. Her people dance and step one two, sway left swing right. Smiles all round, grinners from ear to ear. A place where good vibes rule and free spirits roam. This world is what she lives and breathes, and with good company, this euphoria is brighter than the sun…


How is it one can be so sanctified to this life at sea. Are we alike with the fisherman that cast their nets and the sailors that draw their map lines? That we are all here to feel the raw power of the ocean and immerse ourselves in this incandescent natural wonder? One must think so. But unlike the fishermen and the sailors, we are not here to physically take or pillage for its resources, no, our gift from the sea goes much deeper than that. Intrinsically the ocean provides us with all we need for a life of riches and moments filled with pure and absolute joy. For us, that is more than enough.


"The Gift of Joy"


Photography and idea by Sasha Golyanova


Words by Jemma Scott


Performed by Anais Pierquet feat. Max Claudet


Canggu, Bali - 2018








July 23, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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