The Fine Line by Ivana Cook
I have found that there is a fine line between balance and sanity. And photography has been the foundation for allowing me to come to that conclusion.
When I first picked up a camera I had no idea where it would take me. I have never felt tied down to my home or material possessions because I grew up moving so often, and likewise my photography is the same. Changing consistently but ever so inconsistently. I’m absolutely captivated by the ocean in all of its ways; its unpredictable nature and vast diverseness in each part of our world. I didn't go out searching for what a camera could give me, but it gave me the opportunity to search for all things salt and light.
I have always wrote to myself to allow an escape of reality for a lack of words to speak. But photography gave me a voice that doesn't beg of words, and a balance that doesn't include detrimental sacrifice to my sanity. Fear is the first thing you come face to face with when you step out of your comfort zone, however now when faced by fear itself, I reflect on what I have seen through my camera and laugh to myself, because I have seen much scarier things come from being sedentary than following the salt in my veins and the light in front of me.
Here are some of the photos that allowed me to feel
The peace of surrendering to the ocean.
The shared smiles along friends in the water.
The multitude of your creative brought into photos.
The excitement of sunrise sessions and cold winds.
The balance between surfing and shooting.
And the power of the ocean that got me to where I am now.
xoxo Ivvy


February 13, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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