The Essence of Oceans by Michael Conlon

My happiness comes from experiences shared in the ocean with people important to me

My work aims to capture the beauty of our oceans in ways many people will never see for themselves. This collection of work was recently captured during a very happy time in my life and I feel as though that emotion can be felt when looking at these images. The ocean draws me in; time after time, posing for a photo. Each time it keeps me curious and asking questions. I believe the ocean is the most powerful yet beautiful thing on our planet; it holds a special place in my heart. It keeps me wanting more, providing me with happiness and keeping me at peace. It's my cure, as it has shaped who I am as a person. Who would we be if we didn't have a little bit of salt water in our lives?

Michael Conlon is a 17 year old photographer who’s passionate about the beauty of the ocean. He is on a mission to inspire and describes that feeling as "next to none". The euphoric feeling of being one with the ocean is what pursues Michael to further his craft and become a leading photographer in Australia. 

"I hope observers can appreciate the effort I put into my work."

Don't worry mate, we do.

Catch more of Michael's "The Essence of Oceans" photo-series and other work here.

Words by Mike 

Edits by SV



March 27, 2017 — SURF VISUALS
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