The Cove Fish Fry 2020 by Matt Bennie
The Cove Fish Fry 2020
Three cameras, four rolls of film, my 9’6” log and a towel. I was packed and ready for the seventh annual Waipu Cove Fish Fry and it very nearly started with a bang. The bang being the engine of my ’96 Toyota HiAce after overheating, luckily I was only a couple of hundred metres from home, and home I limped. I grabbed the missus’ car and our two boys and started again.


The Cove Fish Fry is an annual show ‘n’ shine where enthusiasts, collectors and shapers come together to admire the collections people have amassed, rare models from the transition era and modern takes on boards that started the counterculture of surfing way back in the 1930s. All of the boards are laid out on the grass reserve for everyone to walk amongst and to appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into each board while discussing designs and artwork from each era. All of this put together by local stoke machine Michael Cunningham, hats off to you mate.


This year we were kept entertained by The Bull Kelp Surfers, a 60’s style surf rock band from Auckland’s west coast who are full of reverb and renditions. My two boys love live music and were already captivated, but what made this live set stand out for them was their cover of the SpongeBob theme song.


While the band took their break, my boys were off making friends on the playground while I lugged around my behemoth fuji gw690ii to document the day and to see what Roger Hall and Lou Aitken had on show, two of NZs favourite shapers. Roger has been putting smiles on dials since 1971, shaping everything from finless hot curls, to traditional and modern longboards, fish, quads, mid lengths and thrusters and is always refining and tinkering. Lou has been shaping since 2017 under her own label “Louweazal”, making everything from classic logs and twin keels to high performance short boards. She is also one stylish longboarder, taking out second place at the seventh annual Loggerheads contest, which is run on the preceding day.


See you all in the soup.



May 08, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



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