The Constant by Adrian Pierce

I’m Adrian. I reside in Newcastle NSW. I utilise the ocean to stay youthful, awake and smiling. Like most of us. If it's pumping I probably missed 'the shot' by paddling out. Finding a passion for making photos has just given me another excuse to check the waves and stay in the water. Beyond that, the ocean for me is apart of my soul and if I go without being around it I feel stagnate, like most of us. I try and create images to encourage us all to protect and maintain the beauty that it provides. Also to invoke a sense of adventure which in turn broadens our respect for other people and other places that we may or may not find waves. We all owe our lifestyle to Huey, so give love and respect your surroundings. 'Peace by the sea, where I feel free'.


February 20, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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