That 'Yew' Moment by Thomas Meurot

I would always travel with a disposable camera since I was very little, to bring back souvenir to my family. 

I think my love for surfing started with the release of the Disney Movie Lilo and Stitch. I would find fascinating the way those people would ride waves and respect each other in the community. 

Living in the country side of France tho, I was never able to do it. It is only at my 16, when I went to Australia for a year, that I touch a surfboard for the first time: I was stoked! After coming back to France, I would dream every night of that perfect wave you would see in magazine, and decided to move back to Australia to fully live the surf culture, a culture that has taught me to believe in myself and to enjoy the moment. 

in 2017, I got my first housing for my camera, and it was like a game changing. I was finally able to express in an artistic way what represented the ocean to me. 
I found a relaxing place being behind the lens and see the smile on the surfer faces, watch the community being stoked for each other. You know that moment when you see this unknow surfer dropping a bomb, and all the line up is cheering up for him, well that's exactly what I'm trying to share through my photos: I want the viewer to feel that "YEEEW" moment. 

I'm Thomas Meurot, a photographer from France, but really just another soul in this world, searching for the vision of that beautiful interaction between humans and nature.


March 02, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



Emma said:

I so relate to the satisfaction of the Y moment. I too am delighting in discovering a taste for surf photography.
Great images Thomas you have a real feel for the culture.

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