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TEE-PEE is an art based surf label reigning from Shoalhaven Heads on the NSW south coast. The label has been kicking around since mid 2016 and was founded by Tom Page (then 16 years old). Originally starting out selling tees with plain logos embroidered on the front, the TEE-PEE style has morphed into the aesthetic of retro Mambo; displaying loud, colourful and crude artworks, branching into jumpers, long sleeves, boardshorts, beanies and caps. The label sets out to make the consumer think about the world around them (much like a boring old art gallery) as well as work with and expose young Australian surf-punk bands and surfers alike. TEE-PEE is much more than a ‘clothing brand’ it is a Homegrown + Backyard Tested lifestyle, which is screaming for you to join. See you in the lineup.
Inspired by vintage surf lifestyle and raised on the roots of rock n roll, surfing and art, TEE-PEE sets out to provoke the consumer to think about their connections with the surf, art and music scene. Working out of a granny flat, the label aims to stick to the core values of Homegrown + Backyard Tested, inspiring a generation of surfers, artists, musicians and all other creatives to hone their crafts and get out there. The label has ultimately made a name for itself in the underground music scene among pubs on the east coast of NSW, where bands proudly wear TEE-PEE on stage. Album covers, custom surfboards, clothing and band merch are the avenues this label is causing a stir among. If you haven’t heard of us, it is only a matter of time.
Political, environmental, sarcastic and bright, the art behind TEE-PEE is more than what meets the eye. The label prides itself on its branding being more than logos, with the release of each season boasting a range of engaging artworks which are bait for conversation starters. Some may say the art is controversial, we just say it’s realistic. The drive behind the label’s art is ultimately inspired by the graphics of Mambo back in the 1980’s and 90’s which not only caused a stir among critics, but put punk youth onto the backs of tshirts. You are welcome, sir.



August 15, 2019 — SURF VISUALS


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Your logo is a pedo symbol.

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