Sympathizing With Isolation by Ethan Jones
Salt water cures everything… Often we say “I need to take a dip in the ocean”
As if it has some type of healing power. My connection to the ocean is strong, as it is my refuge, and the source to my income. In dyer time we as a community have been isolated from some of our most primal connections. The Ocean… But why? And is it for good reason? 


My name is Ethan Jones, I'm a Photographer based in Ocean Beach which is a small beach community in southern San Diego California. As many of us are well aware of the outbreak of COVID-19 has left historical footprints on our society. “Isolation” has been one of the main topics thrown around. Many coastal beach lines have been cut off to stunt the growth of this virus, due to the large amount of people gathering in these areas. We could easily take the emotional route, be angry and bitter about the whole situation. I for one, being a photographer who focuses a large amount of their work around the ocean was not to ecstatic when I heard the news. But then I took a step back and thought about the situation at hand.


Is fighting the issue that has been laid out in front of us the answer to our solution? 
After self educating myself I've come to terms with isolation. Other than having this whole process dragged out for months on hand. A few short weeks of this scenario sounds like the better alternative.


We as a community are strong and will be able to enjoy all the beauty the ocean has to offer before we know it. 










May 08, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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