Surf Stoke & Creative Folk by Tony Rapacioli
There is an inherent link between surfing and creative minded people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a muso like me, an artist, photographer, chef, surfboard shaper or architect, the ocean draws us all in. I’ve always had a calling to the ocean from an early age, unfortunately growing up in London wasn’t too conducive to that.

It started when I saw ‘North Shore’ back in the 80’s, that was the spark, my closest friend was sporting amazing T&C t-shirts at the time with Joe Cool and the crew plastered all over the back whilst another friend was adorning Sex Wax in his house, I presumed it was for something else entirely. That sense of lifestyle, connection and a longing to surf waves had burrowed into the back of my mind, waiting to be activated until we moved to Noosa many moons later. An impeccable collection of point breaks combined with classic longboarding reignited that flame, life hasn’t been the same since. 

It’s not just about the art of riding a wave, it’s about the connection to nature, the ritualistic chats with your local crew, the appreciation of leaving your worries on the beach for a hard earned break. Once you realise that surf photography is an extension of that stoke, just a dry version of, the documentation of your friends, colleagues and unknowns finest moments become another connection to the beauty of the sea. Both the grace of longboarding and capturing a moment behind a lens are as creative as each other. So it’s safe to say every surfer is creative in their own way, we’re just a tribe of folk who showcase our attributes in various ways and have a spiritual connection to the tides, swell and wind.





January 29, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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