Stand United by Ross Young
Sri Lanka; breathtaking mountains and views, lush jungles with exotic fruits and wildlife, amaaazing food, and the warmest and most hospitable locals. But arguably what tops all this for the travelling surfer is the abundance of quality waves to suit all levels and needs. Itʼs a country that has been in the news a lot recently and for reasons that absolutely break my heart. But these events should not define the country or itʼs people.


I donʼt want to undermine the severity or sadness of what took place in any way, and my heart truly goes out to all those affected, but itʼs time to unite and help this country move forward. Their incredible resilience has previously been proven, recovering from a 26 year civil war, and a devastating tsunami that shook the nation to itʼs core, to emerge as one of the regionʼs fastest growing economies.


They have the capacity to bounce back from this latest tragedy, and we have an opportunity to support an economy that has become increasingly reliant on our tourism. We must not be held hostage to the scare campaign that was initiated with the exact intention of keeping us away from this tropical paradise. So for uncrowded waves in warm waters, followed by a coconut and fresh curry, do yourselves a favour and pack your favourite board and book a flight. You wonʼt be let down, and Sri Lanka will welcome you with wide arms.




November 28, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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