Soul Adventurer by Aaron McNulty
I arrived at the beach, when it was still dark, but anticipating an early sunrise due to Daylight Savings. As I patiently waited, I set up my gear, and got my suit on, but after all that, it was still dark as fuck. I started texting with the homies, at a different spot a bit North of where I was, and through our convo, we figured out we were idiots and had all arrived too early; a good two hours before sunrise. We realized Daylight Savings tacks on an hour at the end of the day, not the beginning. So I sat and waited. 


As I sat, my thoughts drifted to home and the newest member of our family, born just two weeks prior. I thought about watching my wife become a mother, and seeing a whole new magical side to her that made me fall in love with her all over again. I thought about her and our new baby girl snuggled in bed and I could hear their breath and feel the warmth. I thought about the two other little ones down the hall tucked into their bed, and I felt overwhelmed with joy and love. I felt the deepest gratitude for these gifts and I asked the Universe to continue to surround us all with love and light. I turned my head to look out to sea, and between the empty beach houses lining the shore, I saw streaks of purple illuminating the sky. I jumped out of the car, grabbed my gear, and ran down the walkway to the beach, finding a universe all to its own. Feeling overwhelmed again with joy and love, I waded into the cold water, feeling the chill penetrate to my marrow, and swam out into the endless universe of intense color, grateful for every single piercing breath. 



April 20, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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