Solitary Affair by Drew Hopper
Hi, I'm Drew, an Aussie documentary photographer based on the Coffs Coast, NSW Australia. For me photography is about feeling, capturing the essence of a place, the moods, the energy and recording the timeless moments of everyday life. Over the years my style has changed with my unwavering curiosity to greater understand what it is that connects me to my work. I'm constantly pushing the limits of self expression through my experience and experimental practices behind the camera. I have no set formula when I take pictures, and instead trust my instincts to guide me on a visual journey. 

I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a surf photographer, although undoubtedly I live and breathe the ocean, always have and always will. Growing up in a motorhome with my family was the dream upbringing. We travelled around Australia for the majority of my childhood, from East to West across country. I never really let myself become attached to any particular place, likely due to the fact we weren't in the same place long enough to become attached. It's a similar story about my photography, and no doubt explains why my style has evolved so rapidly over the last decade. I like to keep things fresh and exciting, always trying something new and focusing on new creations until I feel I've that pursued something to the fullest. 

This is one of my recent ongoing series titled 'Solitary Affair'. The images capture the unique and solitary experience of the ocean, usually surf related. The ocean has been my release from the chaos in the world, I guess it's my happy place where I become one with nature and allow the energies to inhabit my being. For me surfing is another unique and oddly solitary endeavour. There's something invigorating about being out there, listening, watching the patterns and waiting for the next wave to roll through and carry you on your way. It's this experience that I hope to portray this body of work. 

December 12, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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