Reality Isn’t The Only Option by Simon Fitz

I often ask myself where my urge for surf photography comes from. Especially when I look at my pictures and can’t find a "real" surf photo, haha... But I might have to start a bit earlier. I’ve always been attracted to music, fashion and art. I guess these things just gave me a huge appreciation for alternative and experimental stuff. When I finally started to shoot surfing it was a way to express myself for the first time in my life. No one was telling me how I should be doing or shouldn’t doing it. I was just walking around without a plan at all. At this point I already saw lots of stuff about surfing on the internet. In combination with my passion for art I just wanted to create whatever but not determinate by the media around me. So I started shooting surfing without really shooting surfing. My photographs are trying to communicate exactly that. It’s the process of living in the surfworld but without being into just surfing all the time, without being competitive or creative , without being too strict with what surf photography means most of the time. I think everyone sees surfing differently so its just my way to put all my creative passions into one thing and I don't have to care how weird or crazy the outcome is. It just feels good and as long as it does I’ll try to continue. ^^ 

Simon Fitz, 28, from Germany

Check out more of Simon's work via his Insta or website.


April 09, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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