She Tells Anecdotes By Capturing Them by Maddison Kellie
Words by
Maddison Eileen Kellie
est. 1995.
My luv for film photography all started when my pal whipped out his Olympia SLR. A few years down the track, I couldn't have picked a more enjoyable/expensive hobby. It seems like my constant need to be surrounded by the water has compelled me to be fluid in all aspects of my life; creatively and personally. In my photography, I seize moments of the mundane in the most honest and true blue way I can. As a self-taught photographer, if I'm not snapping pics, I'll be fiddling around with a camera, learning what pushes its buttons. Otherwise, I'll be letting my creative juices flow while playing around with paint, collage and pretty much anything I can get messy with.  But really, I'm just going with it and doing whatever comes to me; and I reckon it's the best way to be.
With a mass sum of film in the archive, this collection is a portion of my top favourites i have shot in my time.  There is something beyond just these single photographs for me, it's a flash back to some of the golden moments in my life.  Fulfilling myself and others with ultimate prosperity in what they see in front of them. Enjoy.



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