She Believed She Could, So She Did... by Chloe Hutchison
She was the girl who saw shapes in clouds that nobody else could see. The girl who grew up disregarding the belief of "one size fits all". The girl who pushed boundaries, had little care for the consequences and who landed herself in more sticky situations than a bar of surf wax on as Summers day... Until one day, her rock bottom became the greatest catalyst to diving into her passion- literally! That girl is Me and that passion is real-life art in the form of Photo and Video. 
I knew I needed to be in the ocean, I knew I had stories to share, I knew I had meaningful work to do in this world... I was just always too fearful to take the leap- any leap in fact that would mean I was actually following my heart! I started out loving Photography and Editing at the ripe (young) age of 18 when I developed 35mm film for a Kodak store- I would sit and meticulously colour grade each photo- even the 21 images of the same cat in the same position because art is art right?! Fast forward around 10 years and I had studied a Bachelor of Film, landed an epic role as a Videographer/Editor within a world-wide Wellness Media company and started my own Videography/Photography business, all because I knew my purpose in this life was more than what I was allowing it to be.
I live by the ocean. My soul belongs to the deep blue. The divine chaos that is both the Sea and Life. I see beauty in the real moments and in nature when the moon sleeps and the sun dances. When setting out on a shoot, I always go in 80% prepared and 20% ready for an adventure! I thrive on capturing the in-between moments that often get overlooked. When shooting film, I love the authenticity of run and gun and the smooth, sleek feel of a tripod. 35mm and Super 8 will forever have my heart- nothing can compare to the authentic feel a roll of film gives... It transports me to another life where I was a 70's flower child living in a van with minimal necessities and a world of freedom! 
I love experimenting with shutter speeds, mostly because it's out of my control and the beauty that can come from chaos is next level. I love making YOU feel- either through my images, my films or even just my words and daily thoughts. And above all, I am an advocate for Women. As a single Mum of 2, working full time and running a business, I know what it takes to "struggle and juggle it all" whilst hustling for my dreams, and my goal in life is to serve, inspire and uplift other Women so they too, believe they can achieve their dreams. 
I am constantly growing, evolving and finding new ebbs and flows within my work and the stories I wish to share, and will never stop experimenting and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I always believe my journey as a creative can and will never end, It's in my blood and I am only just getting started...

February 06, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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Kim Briggs

Kim Briggs said:

Chloe so proud of the beautiful human, Mother and amazing lady you’ve evolved in to… Keep striving and succeeding ❤️❤️

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