Escapism by Sam Rogers
Hey, I’m Sam!


I am a photography enthusiast from the South Coast, UK with a passion for capturing moments in and around the ocean. I mainly aim to capture those memorable vivid colours and perfect light at sunrise and sunset, as these are my favourite times of day. I literally live for moody light! I am actually a primary school teacher by trade, so I use photography, surfing, paddleboarding and just generally being in and around the water as an escape from the stresses of work life, I know many of us can relate! This outlet allows me to completely relax which does wonders for my wellbeing. I am also part of the Fatstick Boards team, they are based in Bournemouth, UK and make incredible boards. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places and surf spots with them over the last 7 years which has given me even more opportunities to surf and use my camera. Most of my photos are of Fatstick Boards or on a Fatstick Board!


4 years back I got my hands on a GoPro, taking videos and stills at my local surf breaks from my board. I still occasionally use my GoPro as its a super fun perspective and allows you to be totally immersed in the action. A GoPro was a perfect entry into photography for me and really ignited my passion for ocean photography, I would totally recommend! About 18 months ago I bought my first DSLR, which was a Canon 200D with a 50mm lens (which was and still is my workhorse lens) and a 55mm-250mm lens to get those shots from the beach. This lens has been a real go to lens for me especially when chilling in my campervan, after a surf with a cup of tea. It means I can take photos of surfers and the ocean from the comfort of my little home on wheels. A few weeks back I finally upgraded my gear as I am keen to start getting some prints made. I am now shooting with a Sony A7Rii and a 50mm and a 70mm-300mm lens. To be honest I am pretty blown away with this camera, the detail is insane and the electronic viewfinder is a game changer - so stoked!


If I am lucky enough to get ‘that’ shot, I tend to post some of my images onto Instagram @ssamrogerss , Facebook and also my website Social media is one of my main sources of inspiration, there are so many fantastic photographers that are creating truly original and mind blowing perspectives out there in the ocean. @mattpowerphoto is a friend of mine and his work is always super inspiring, I am also a huge fan of photographers like @meganhemsworth @rgoldphotos @adamkingphoto @gabriellazagni and many many more. My main source of inspiration is the surfers, ocean and the sun though, I have so many awesome memories of super talented surfers ripping at dawn/dusk which I have been lucky enough to capture with my camera. My next step for the future is to get a professional water housing, I have got a camera waterproof bag but in bigger surf I wouldn’t necessarily trust it. So I definitely need to invest in a substantial water housing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into what, where and why I love photography and being  in  and around the ocean, either with my camera or with my board. Any questions, feel free to contact me on Instagram, always keen to connect!




March 06, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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