Salty Hair, Don't Care by Polly Howarth
There's something about the way November smells; coconut sun cream, surf wax, blooming frangipanis, fresh morning brews by the seaside. Everybody leaning into summer, just a blink away. 


This November has been an absolute dream. Living in Byron Bay, I feel so blessed by our beautiful coastline and loving community. We have creation at it's finest. 
In this season, the fruit is cheap and the days are long! It's time to store away those thick wetsuits and let your skin taste the sea. With Salty hair, freckled cheeks, sunkissed skin and beaming smiles it's hard to get a bad picture of the beautiful people around me. I love early morning surfs at Wategos, soaking in the sun, sunset drinks and big belly laughs always with my film camera at hand. I want to hold on to these memories so tightly.


You have to be so mindful with film. You don't have the option to snap 100 pictures and choose your favourite. I am learning to be present and still. As somebody who has found it extremely hard to be in front of the camera, capturing someone's portrait is a privilege. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing and I see that every time I take their picture. We're all so hard on ourselves. We all have things we would like to change about the way we look. I find usually those things are the most interesting parts that give you your "youness" . My aim in photography is to help people view themselves through my eyes, in a way that uplifts their hearts and self esteem. 


I'm passionate about meeting new people and hearing their story.


Home is a much happier place in November.







January 14, 2019 — SURF VISUALS



Lynsey said:

My favorite . . . “let your skin taste the sea.”

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