To Surf or To Shoot by Ridge Benben
These photos are some of my favorites from a spot Im very familiar with. It’s my home spot where I’m ALWAYS either surfing, shooting or just hanging with my buddy’s at. I usually bring both at all times board and housing. If it’s lining up to be a good one I’ll bring out the housing and if not I’ll just surf and always have a good time with my friends. It’s really hard to make the call between the two some times but when I make the decision to shoot I know it’s going to be worth It. It’s nice having friends the absolutely rip. I’m always stoked to nail a shot and show them when we get back to the car and they get just as stoked as me. Always having a good time with these guys 
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1. Joe Kisling @joe_kookling
2. Joe Kisling 
3. Mike Padilla @mikepadilla_
4. Will Allen @willallen.w
November 28, 2018 — SURF VISUALS



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