Quarantine Introspection by Xué Gil Guidonet
After over 20 days of confinement, I've had time to look over and over and over again through my whole work and think about the paths I've taken in life. This introspection has made me realize how such a simple decision as taking my sister's camera on a trip to San Sebastian defined my future in a level I could have never imagined. 


I wish I could say I've always been inspired by photography or deeply connected to the sea, but truth is all those things came very late in my life. Growing up near the center of Barcelona the chances of me getting into surfing were minimum and photography never really captivated me much. Somehow surfing came into the life of this 15 year old introverted boy giving him a refugee from the adolescent problems and 2 years later photography would give him the tools to express himself. I spent the following years gravitating around these two worlds feeling a bigger attraction per year passed until they really became my life.


Nowadays and after 10 years of romance with the sea and 8 behind a lens I can't conceive a day without even thinking of those two vehicles of pleasure. During this years I had the opportunity to meet incredible people, work with amazing professionals both from surfing or photography from whom I've learnt most of the things I know now, travelled the world to shoot and live lifetime experiences. All those things have shaped the person who I am today and would have never happened if it weren't for surfing or photography.


Special thanks to Rhythm, Macho Fins and Agua de Surf for supporting me and everyone that has helped me get to where I am today.






April 15, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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