Pillars by Gem Watkins

In the early days of January 2017, my best mate and I took a road trip to the Mount Martha 'Pillars'. For much of our high school years, all we've ever dreamed about is going on long spontaneous road trips, but the only problem is that we never had the means to. After some time, I finally got my shit sorted and got my license and we were able to venture off as far as we please. As the Pillars were such a big hit among our peers and we'd heard endless stories about it, we thought that there was no better day to head down and check it out. We both had days off from work, so we planned it that morning and hit the road by 9.


Our aim wasn't really to have any sort of shoot, mainly just to have chilled day sitting on the rocks and having a much needed goss. Treading on well-worn paths, but many also untouched, this short hike was well worth the sights were about to see.


We were overwhelmed by its raw beauty, much like the coasts of Italy or Greece. It was so still and clear, I swear we just stood there in awe once we reached the cliff's peak. Often this spot is a hit location for locals and tourists alike, so we were overjoyed at the fact that it was virtually empty and we could solely enjoy the company of each other. 


Tan lines emerging and hair full of salt and sand, I could quite easily say this was one of the best summer days to date.


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May 29, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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