A Shitty Theory On Taking Nice Photos by Karsten Jurkschat
There are things I am pretty certain of, I’m 30 years old, born and raised in Vic. I now live in New York City working as a Creative Director, I know I spend way too much time doing it. But am I a photographer? What are the rules? Sure, I’ve taken some photos but I don’t obsess with gear, lighting, carry a backpack of lenses or plan shoots. I don’t get paid.

My theory is that anyone can take a good photo. The only hard part is putting yourself in the right place at the right time, without knowing what that looks like until it’s happening to you, then having your camera nearby. My approach to getting some nice photos is just getting out there, going surfing, going camping, going exploring, I guess I’m good at that.

Does that make me a Photographer? Maybe.

That’s the pure surf stoke of a Dutchman that started surfing 2 years ago and has the eternal froth of a grommet. A rainy day on the South Coast NSW during summer, the waves small and mushy, but the guys were keen so took their logs out. Why wouldn’t you if you have this much fun falling off 2 footers.

Sri Lanka is a hell of a place to surf. There are plenty of little setups all around and not many people to surf them, at least not when I was there this year. This little right hander pumped every morning until the trades picked up. I would get up just before sunrise, paddle out watch the sunrise and surf for a few hours with no one out. Come in and have some fresh curry. Epic.

Waking up to check the surf one morning at Pt Impossible. The steam coming off the water was incredible. The water was significantly warmer that the air, which is saying something in Victoria in the middle of winter. Shot from the back of the van, still in bed.

We have such an epic stretch of coast in Victoria, the best way to explore for sure is to get a van and deck it out as a camper. Camping set up down the coast, opposite a right hand point break, what more do you need. Maybe a bird selfie.

Wye point from the traffic lights on the other side of the bay leaving town. The wind was howling SW and this was one of the only pockets with surf able waves.

Dark and stormy afternoon session up on the NSW South Coast, I love this photo because it’s not perfect. It really captures the mood of surfing in the rain.



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People will stare, make it worth their while

January 30, 2018 — SURF VISUALS



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Love the photos and better the comments – GREAT !


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Which camera do you use? I love your photos!

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