Photo Boss Bali by Luke Cromwell
I most enjoy trying to capture fish eye barrel shots, being in the water close up to the action is where I love to be. Saying that it feels like I get more credit for the empty wave or lineup shots so I include a mix of shots.


Why the name Photo Boss Bali? This came about simply after my very first time taking water shots out at Uluwatu in 2017. I was walking up from the beach to the warungs. In front of me was a long que of surfers all being haggled by the local photographers. Each photographer shouting 'Photo Boss, Photo Boss'.


This stuck in my mind and thought would be an easy name for people to remember, so that was the beginning of Photo Boss Bali.


As you know I grew up in Wales surfing from a young age. Worked on the crab fishing boats throughout Europe for years until in 2012 I was given the opportunity to run Tengirri. Living in Bali and running the boat the last 8 years has been an amazing experience. The photography is a passion and I hope that I can continue to fund my surf travel lifestyle through the images I capture along the way.


Without boring you too much I will leave it at that. Always keen to catch up with any barrel frothers traveling through Bali. So spread the word please.


January 30, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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