Overcoming Fears To Shoot At Keramas by Katherine Nielsen
During an ocean swim, I found myself caught in a flash rip. They don’t usually last long, but they create a vortex that keeps you trapped until the ocean is ready to release you. The feeling of any strong current from then on would shoot a fear through me that I couldn’t seem to shake. I had always loved everything about the sea. The sound of the waves, the ocean breeze and the sand between my toes. As a pretty average Surfer, I prefer to capture them with a camera.
I started photography 18 months ago as a creative outlet. I added a drone into the mix before purchasing an Aquatech water housing. Determined to reclaim that peace, I used to feel in the water not just for myself but for my ocean-loving son, Finn. With the help of legendary surf and lifestyle photographer Ted Grambeau, I was able to overcome that fear and shoot at Bali’s Keramas reef break. It is incredible what you can achieve with the right mentor and support.
The ocean and surf photography community have some inspirational and insanely talented crew. I began to showcase the many skilled creatives from around the world with a website I established The Creative Series, which interviews fellow ocean frothers, photography lovers and travel enthusiasts. With the addition of tips, techniques and musings to inspire us all to follow our dreams and overcome our fears.
Katherine Nielsen


January 15, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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