On Campus by Hayden O'Neill
“Been M.I.A from home for what feels like an eternity, I’ve been road tripping through the States with my girl Cait.


We bought a van, did it up and drove North, South, East and West all while clocking close to 20,000 kms.
But I’m back, back in the ocean and dam does it feel good!
First few days after the 23 hour stint from New York were sluggish but the boys had me into gear. Wally threw a million phone calls my way and convinced me it was cooking…
If he’s happy to throw himself over a ledge or two then I sure as hell should be there, he didn’t disappoint!
As always it’s a pleasure shooting with Wallace, he’s just got such a drive to get waves that it rubs off and amps anyone around him.
Sure there’s been some shit days since I got back but the 2 solid sessions I’ve had, have been enough to get my ass back into gear and I can’t wait for a Summer of waves."
This submission is based on the waves Hayds had in the past 2 weeks since he got back from the States.


All credits to - @haydenoneill of Desfura (www.desfura.com // @desfura)



November 18, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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