Ocean & Waves by Larisa Cevallos

My name is Larisa and I am an ocean and nature photographer. 

My greatest joy is being alive, surrounded by the humans I love and the immensity of the great outdoors. Diving, meditation and conservation are my greatest passions, expanding life significantly every day, reinforcing my place in this planet; I belong to the sea. 

This series of Ocean & Waves is a compilation of my favourite moments next to the sea on the Gold Coast when conditions, swell and light have been pure bliss, when time stops and everything happens in slow motion in front of your eyes.

Not one day has been the same in the past 11 years living on the East Coast and I remember every single one clearly. Of course photography helps immensely and I still believe that photography is the strongest testimony of a moment that symbolises everything for someone.

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Web www.sweetocean.com.au 


June 07, 2017 — SURF VISUALS
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