Ocean Lovers by Marcel Boer
I’ve never really been into surfing until I started taking a look at some magazines like co11ectif oder desillusion. I liked the look and the way it feels like to have this endless freedom feeling when you are out there on the ocean. On the other hand I might be addicted to this surf culture, because of the fact that I love skateboarding and we are just like surfers, but with 4 wheels on the street. But everything started on a wooden peace in the ocean back in the days I would say. On a road trip through West France back in 2016 I shot some of my favourite pictures of ocean-lovers. I loved to get up as early as I can to capture this amazing morning light with some surfers in the front. I was really able to feel this feeling of freedom and action in the same time they participated.


So besides shooting street & skateboarding, I would really like to keep an eye also more on the humans which are surfing the waves out there. I just bought me an Nikonos V last year, which I tried a bit already on a roadtrip through Portugal. Really hyped about it and ready to shoot some more saltwater art in the future. Especially girls on surfboards - the shape of a woman’s body together with the shape of a surfboard & the form of the waves is a perfection in itself when it's shot in the right way, you get this special feeling trough this images especially with film.  
I am Marcel Boer, Film photographer from Cologne, Germany.



June 26, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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