Nostalgia by Bronwyn Knight

Days are weird right now. My name is Bronwyn and I live in San Francisco, California. For the past few weeks, my city has felt the impact of COVID-19 and our lives have come to a screeching hault as we all practice social distancing and shelter in place. Even in the early days of this long road ahead, my pals and I are already reminiscing of recent trips to the coast, beach days and late evenings, all social luxuries that have been put on pause for the time being. For me, and I know for many as well, this time has given me a quiet space for introspection and feelings of gratitude. For all the small things we take for granted daily, and the bigger things like the opportunity to travel. As I spend time at home, I find myself reviewing images and daydreaming of when this is all over. Nostalgic for the past. These photos are collections of better days. Days before the ones we are experiencing now, and memories that keep me smiling during trying times. Photos from the California coast & sunrises in Mexico, to sailing this past October in French Polynesia. These captures remind me of all the things to be grateful for, and most importantly that better days await. To everyone effected: stay resilient, stay positive, stay home. See you when this passes x

San Francisco, CA
Saint Lucia
French Polynesia
Oahu, Hawaii







April 30, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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