No Way Equinor by Desfura / Hayden O'Neill
On Sunday the 24th of March, people power was in great numbers on the shores of St Kilda as hundreds turned out to say NO to Equinor's proposal to drill in the Great Australian Bight.
They say an image tells a thousand words and for me, these demonstrate anger, frustration, concern but also community strength and passion. Banding together on Sunday passed was an exhilarating feeling and seeing old and young paddle out in collective defiance is something to be noted by the corporate rich white man sitting in his air-conditioned office.
Drilling in the bight is hands down the worst idea. To think that Equinor even want to approach some of the worlds most raw oceans has me dumbstruck. It just doesn't make sense.
Not only are they planning on drilling amongst the roaring forties but an oil spill could spell the next deepwater horizon and potentially the death of thousands upon thousands of marine life across Australian waters.
I think the 31,000 strong signatures to NOPSEMA and events like the Melbourne paddle out for the bight is a strong sense of the people's voice and it is very LOUD and it is very CLEAR.


March 27, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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