No Surf, No Interest by Daniel Attard

I remember when I was young having a monochrome photo of a surfer duck diving a wave as the background on my phone, and just thinking, wow, imagine taking this. I always wondered who took photos like this and how they did it. 

I didn’t pick up a camera until my early 20’s. I’d lived in Europe and almost refused to take any photos (much to my regret now) but when I moved to Canada, decided to give it a crack. Something about being in the mountains, so foreign to an Australian, must have sparked my interest. 

Growing up living on a beach in North Queensland, I had no surf but it didn’t stop me from being down there every day. Climbing the cliff faces and free diving between the headlands. I made the odd trip to the Gold Coast and one trip to Indo but rarely got the opportunity to surf. 

When I returned to Australia, I could not wait to go for a swim with my camera. I had moved to South East Queensland and invested in a surf housing. I’m now trying to create photos like the one that wow’d me all those years ago. 

All I want from photography are photos I’ll be proud to hang on my wall one day. My phone background has since been changed to something I took and I think that’s pretty cool. 

Most of these images I’ve taken in the last year (since I’ve had my housing) all up the East Coast of Australia.


January 23, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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